The Fanore School Case

Since the first publication some new information has emerged and filled many of the gaps and helps reconcile the great divergences' in the narration of the story. I hope that you enjoy every minute of reading and again don't judge harshly on the people involved, there were different times back then.

The Fanore School Case is one of the most bizzare episodes in the history of Irish education. At the centre of the case was Michael O'Shea, principal teacher at the Fanore National School, who was dismissed in 1914 from his post by the school manager, the local parish priest Fr. Patrick Keran, allegedly for refusing to marry the assistant teacher in his school, O'Shea himself being engaged to another girl at the time.

As Joe Queally shows in this fascinating book, the conventional account does not tell the full story. Leaning on a wide range of sources, from court records to oral history, Queally reveals many new aspects to the case, the violent means used by his supporters to intimidate the new teachers who succeeded him, and the bitter divisions caused in the community by the results of the affair.

This absorbing and exhaustively researched book brings together all the facts of the Fanore School Case. It balances previous accounts with the Catholic Church's version of events, derived from diocesan archives, which were made available for the first time to the author.

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Picture of author & writer Joe Queally of his book, The Fanore School Case

 The Author

Joe Queally is a native of Fanore, Ballyvaughan, North Clare. He comes from a farming background and has a keen interest in local history, over the past years he has studied and contributed to many local historical projects. His interests include hurling, football, athletics, traditional Irish music, song, dance and storytelling. Pastimes are spent swimming, walking and mountain climbing. He gives great support in fundraising to the RNLI Lifeboats and is chairman of the local Ennis fundraising branch. He is domiciled in the parish of Doora Barefield for the past fifty years where he lives with his family.

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